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At The Brookfield Group, we believe whether you have 50 employees or 5,000, you should have access to IT solutions that are innovative, yet secure and cost-effective. That’s why, since 1987, we’ve worked hard to set ourselves apart in this space. Our skilled IT professionals function as digital change agents, helping you transform your business within the intricacies of our global digital economy. We leverage our extensive intellectual capital to address today’s complex business technology landscape and how that impacts your business. Perhaps most importantly, we realize that one size does not fit all.

We’ll work closely with you to evaluate your business needs and identify technology solutions that will help you be more productive and realize a sustainable return on investment.

Our History


The Brookfield Group acquires ConsortHR, a full-service business communications firm.

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The Brookfield Group acquires Olympic Telephone, a full-service business communications firm.

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The Brookfield Group acquires Aura Innovation, a software development company.

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Melsernet, Inc., an IT company specializing in enterprise wired and wireless networks, Internet and network access security, joins The Brookfield Group family of companies.

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IT Solutions

The Brookfield Group acquires IT Solutions, an Indianapolis-based managed services provider.

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The Brookfield Group acquires Ideacom Midwest, a provider of voice, data and video solutions.

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Verdi, a digital project management company based in the UK and Scotland, becomes part of The Brookfield Group.

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The Brookfield Group acquires Telepoint, Inc., an Indianapolis provider of VOIP phone systems, computers and accessories.

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The Brookfield Group acquires Netcom, a network and server management company.

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CTI—a business telephone provider throughout Indiana and Wisconsin—is acquired by The Brookfield Group.

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The company becomes The Brookfield Group and focuses solely on providing full-service technology support.


Microlab International Systems

The company rebrands as Microlab International Systems and expands its focus to include IT support.



Genimex forms, focusing on import and  export of computer systems, audio visual products and microfilm.

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