More businesses are recognizing the cloud as a great way to deliver productivity and collaboration. In fact, a Forbes Insight survey “Collaborating in the Cloud” of more than 500 executives revealed that most business executives felt cloud collaboration could benefit their business for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re a small or large business, cloud collaboration can benefit your productivity and work flow.

The benefits of cloud collaboration are realized almost immediately:

  • Streamlined project management: With cloud project management dashboarding and application development, daily project management tasks become streamlined and much easier and faster to manage.
  • Faster Decision-Making: Cloud collaboration helps a company streamline its decision-making process and be more decisive and responsive with clients.
  • Affordability: Perhaps most enticing of all, cloud collaboration can be implemented with little or no capital expenditure. Businesses can implement collaboration technologies without large upfront expenditures for software licenses, new hardware or the labor to install and configure them. Instead, companies can leverage existing infrastructure and pay for solutions on a subscription basis as an operating expense.
  • Rapid Adoption: Cloud-based solutions can be ready to use within hours. Because of this, decision-makers can verify the value of tools quickly before rolling out across an entire organization.
  • Easy Access: Anyone logging in from anywhere is authenticated and given access to collaboration resources in the same secure manner.

With technologies built to help employees collaborate smoothly, effectively and efficiently, cloud collaboration is driving tangible business results and helping companies stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

Verdi offers a full-service platform—hosting, storage and archiving—to ensure secure and easy collaboration across your entire organization. Contact Verdi today to learn how we can help your company compete better, faster and smarter.

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