With the introduction of Microsoft’s Office 365 email, many companies are wondering if they need to migrate to this new option. Simplified use, increased productivity and a potential for savings are among the pluses being touted with Office 365. While there are upsides to the new email platform, there are also risks. So before you leap too quickly—particularly from a proven platform like Microsoft Hosted Exchange email—consider these downsides:

  • Lack of customization: Office 365 cannot be adapted to fit your exact needs. There is no in-between when it comes to Microsoft 365 because it is an all-or-nothing application.
  • Difficult migration process: Those with an on-premise active directory environment will find the migration to Office 365 to be a tedious one that requires a lot of advanced planning.
  • Limited email archiving: Office 365 only searches through about 50 file types—most of them Microsoft file types. Because there are hundreds of attachment types, this limited capability is an issue since email archiving is critical for compliance with regulations like HIPAA and FINRA.
  • A loss of control: With Office 365, you won’t have control over the patch management process, software upgrades or some other administrative tasks that are traditionally managed on-premise.

While Office 365 may be a good choice for some companies, it’s one that you should evaluate very carefully. There’s a reason why Microsoft® Exchange has been the standard for a business grade email and collaboration solution. Companies of all types and sizes utilize Microsoft Exchange for its built-in security features, flexible business modeling and a broad range of advanced business services.

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